blogwise: Our Team
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Dara Li
March 24th, 2019
Our Team: CMO Annelise Hillmann, CTO Ivraj Seerha, COO Dara Li, and CEO Noah Putnam
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blogwise is comprised of four friends based out of Harvard. We are all passionate about entrepreneurship, building enterprise SaaS tools, and finding the best places in Harvard Square to conducting team meetings (so far that has consisted of the “The Inn,” the newly innovated Smith Campus Center, and over meals of student-favorite El Jefe’s burrito bowls.

Noah Putnam is a senior at Harvard studying applied math and computer science. He first started programming when he was 12 by making game mods for Sid Meier’s Civilization 4, and has not slowed down since then.Noah was a Co-Founder of HSA DEV, a student-run development agency that builds apps and website for startups. While working there, he grew the company to an established presence on Harvard’s Campus, with students working in UI/UX design, software, and sales.

While working at HSA DEV, Noah struggled for hours to build a company blog on wordpress, before finally giving in and coding a blog from scratch over the following weekend. At the end, he thought to himself: “this should be easier.” That codebase went on to be the prototype for the first blogwise template.

Annelise Hillmann is a junior at Harvard studying economics and psychology. Having spent six years as a freelance graphic designer, she is a creative director and brand consultant for startups. In addition to her work with blogwise, she is the cofounder of FRONTMAN, a men’s DTC skincare brand to launch early next year, and the CMO of Harvard Student Agencies, the largest student run company in the world. In 2018, she co-founded Harvard’s first student run advertising agency and directed campaigns for emerging startups as well as companies like Lyft and Milk Bar.

Originally from Jupiter, FL, she has a background in visual art and loves exploring the intersection of art, business, and innovation. A few brands she likes to watch are Glossier, hims, hers, and Bumble. Annelise is passionate about closing the gender gap in venture capital funding, as only 2% of VC funding goes to female founders, and works with Shiffon Co., a fine jewelry company that invests 50% of profits in women-led companies. She loves supporting other women in business however she can and enjoys advising companies in marketing. Annelise spends her time nerding out over ad campaigns, writing plays, scouting out new cafes, and watching too much Netflix. She is a fan of British television and breakfast foods.

Dara Li is a junior at Harvard studying molecular & cellular biology and computer science. She is currently VP at Harvard Student Agencies, a student run corporation with $8MM annual revenue and over 675 employees. As Vice President, she oversees business operations, strategy, client relations, new business ventures, and the growth of HSA’s 12 businesses in the tech, consumer, and retail industries. Companies within HSA’s portfolio include The Harvard Shop, a retailer with both e-commerce fulfillment and three brick and mortar stores, the newly acquired Campus Insights, a UX/UI research firm with customers including Google, Venmo, and GoFundMe, Let’s Go, the New York Times acclaimed “granddaddy of [travel] budget guides”, and HSA DEV, a web and app devshop that has partnered with Dorm Room Fund and Rough Draft Ventures.

Born in Singapore and raised in Dallas, TX, Dara has a background in pitching at science fairs including at the 2015 and 2016 AAAS Conferences, the 2014 and 2015 Intel International Science Fairs, and the 2015 Siemens competition. Although she focused primarily in the life sciences and alternative fuels divisions, Dara is passionate about STEM education and funding for young inventors and scientists. She is also an avid music composer and has had three symphonies performed in concert by the Austin Symphony Orchestra including her 2016 composition Gaia, which was published by Ars Nova Press. Dara loves learning by building, hopping on calls with other student founders, and is interested in early stage funding. Although lactose intolerant, Dara enjoys a daily matcha latte and milk tea.

Ivraj Seerha is a senior at Harvard studying computer science, with a sprinkle of engineering sciences and a dash of philosophy. He’s served in a wide range of engineering positions, from mechanical and hardware, to software and product. Most recently, he was working as a Lead Engineer for HSA DEV, and last summer he served as a PM intern on the Microsoft Azure Security teams.While his formal engineering training didn’t begin until college, he received his earliest lessons in engineering and business through working at his family’s small businesses throughout his childhood. The ventures ranged from convenience stores and restaurants to machine shops and real estate, all of which he’s been actively involved with since the age of 14 (and occasionally causing a nuisance in since the age of 4).

Lately, he’s been thinking about how to use engineering, design, and business to create a more inclusive economy, and is an incoming Venture for America Fellow. If he’s not riffing on new startup ideas, philosophizing about social inequity, or goofing around with friends, he’s probably working on projects related to humanitarian aid and development, with the most recent one focusing on unaccompanied minors in the Mediterranean refugee crisis and waste picking markets in Ghana.